Eatrenalin at Europa Park: The Immersive Gastronomic Experience

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Published by Julie de Sortiraparis · Photos by Julie de Sortiraparis · Updated on March 18th, 2024 at 06:01 p.m.
Discover Eatrenalin at Europa Park, a revolutionary immersive gastronomic experience combining Michelin-starred cuisine and sensory immersion.

Eatrenalin at Europa Park is an immersive gastronomic experience like no other. Opening in November 2022, the 1,600 m² restaurant offers a unique 8-course culinary journey, created by Spanish Michelin-starred chef Pablo Montoro. This journey combines high-level culinary delights with a spectacular immersive device, with an investment of 20 million euros to create an unprecedented sensory experience.

Eatrenalin's innovative concept is based on"Floating Chairs", leather armchairs equipped with shelves for placing appetizers and drinks, which move from one room to another without visible rails. Guests are taken through eleven different atmospheres, including scuba dives, detours into Asian restaurants and even space travel. Music, dramatization and décor help create an immersive experience at every stage of the meal.

Prices reflect the quality andinnovation of the experience, starting at €195 per person, and €295 with the alcoholic beverage package. The staff, from the "intergalactic guide" maitre d'hôtel to the waiters and kitchen brigade, work hard to welcome up to 192 guests per evening in the 8-course formula, guaranteeing impeccable service.

The emphasis is on theoverall sensory experience. The restaurant is a"sensation for all the senses", offering an unprecedented form of culinary pleasure and incredible, unusual delights. Eatrenalin's innovative design has won it prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award, as well as the TEA Thea Award in the'Experiential Dining Attraction' category. If you've got the chance, and you're a fan of fine dining, why not take this exciting and confusing journey?

Eatrenalin at Europa Park is indeed a true innovation in the world of gastronomy, offering an immersive, technologically advanced culinary experience that stimulates all the senses. It's a place where the art of cooking meets spectacular staging, creating a perfectly unforgettable experience.

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