Europa Park: Europe's most breathtaking amusement park

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Published by Julie de Sortiraparis · Photos by Julie de Sortiraparis · Updated on March 18th, 2024 at 06:01 p.m.
Discover Europa Park, an iconic European theme park on the French border, with over 100 thrilling attractions.

Europa Park, one of Europe's most popular theme parks, is located in Germany near the French border. Founded in 1975 by the Mack family, the park has grown steadily and today offers over 100 different attractions, divided into 18 themed districts representing different European countries. Each district offers a unique and authentic atmosphere, from England and Greece to Italy and Russia.

Here are just a few of the must-see attractions:

  1. Silver Star: For thrill-seekers, the Silver Star, located in the park's French Quarter, is a must. It's one of Europe's tallest and fastest roller coasters, offering a pure adrenaline experience.
  2. Voletarium: Located in the German Quarter, the Voletarium is a flight simulator adventure offering an immersive experience across European landscapes. It's a family attraction that amazes visitors of all ages.
  3. Pirates of Batavia: In the Dutch Quarter, this aquatic attraction takes visitors on a journey through a bustling Asian city, populated by pirates and adventure.
  4. Blue Fire Megacoaster: Located in the Icelandic Quarter, this roller coaster launches visitors from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, combining loops, twists and lightning acceleration.
  5. Arthur - Au Royaume des Minimoys: This attraction, an original creation based on Luc Besson's animated films, combines indoor and outdoor roller coasters, with magical sets inspired by the miniature world of the Minimoys.

In addition to the attractions, Europa Park offers a wide range of shows. Night-time shows are particularly breathtaking, combining dance, acrobatics and live music (Europa-Park Teatro is a must-see)!

Overall, the family appreciates the magnificent settings, and the variety of dining options. The park is well decorated, especially during the Christmas season, providing a great experience for you and your children.

There are a few minor organizational issues in December 2023, including difficulties with parking, or staff (probably seasonal) offering uneven service.

For those planning to spend a day at Europa Park, it's advisable to arrive early and plan the visit in advance, as it's impossible to do everything in one day, especially in high season. The park offers a Fastpass system to reduce waiting times for certain attractions, and it's advisable to include a few shows in your schedule for a more complete experience.

For those who are able to spend two days in the park, it's a good idea to choose nearby accommodation to get the most out of the park. We tested theKrønasår Hotel-Museum for you.

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